Our Services and Promise To You

Our mission….. Our focus….. Our purpose….. and Our promise is easy…… remove the obsticles that are holding you back. There are many obsticles: time, lack of proper tools, just to busy, need another hand, need 3D modeling design work, need reverse engineering scans or...

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Cutting Edge Engineering & Design

With the invent of 3D Printing comes SLA printing, and 3D fff printing to this wonderful world of engineering and design.  Does this all sound like a foreign language to you?  Not to worry. 3D SLA Printing is just “Stereolithograpghy” – laser design printing.  This is basically...

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Pros & Cons

SLA Printing Pros – Accuracy, Design Flexibility is very good, Wide Range of resins standard, flexible, tough, castable high temp and many more, Final part can be use as actual assembly part in most cases SLA Printing Cons – Print size is smaller, Material costs are...

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Guide to Deciding on 3D Modeling Software

There’s a wide range of 3D modeling tools. How do you select which is best for your needs? There are a number of different factors at play, including: The skill of the designer; What’s being modeled or drafted; Your operating system; The output format...

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