Part Design Services

Our part design goals are SIMPLE: “To design your part fast so you can keep moving forward”.

If you have and idea or a sketch of a part that needs to be designed then we are here to get the job done with your budget in mind. It does not matter if your needs are small or large simple or complex our team is here to help.

We Specialize in: Turning your idea into parts – Design 3D CAD Files – Design Discontinued Parts – Redesign Broken Parts – Evaluate Part Designs With A Powerful Simulation Package, Design & Develop NEW Parts, Design Prototype Parts and 3D Print Your Parts.

Our Services Include:

  • In-House – Part Design Using State Of The Art Technology
  • In-House – Run Part Designs Through Powerful Simulation To Eliminate Design Errors
  • In-House – Reverse Engineering
  • In-House – 3D Printing FFF (Fused Fillament Fabrication) – Filament
  • In-House – 3D Printing SLA (Stereolithography) – Laser
  • In-House – Problem Solving To Keep Your Project Moving In The Right Direction


We Take Your IDEA And Create A 3D Model So You Can Have Your Part 3D Printed, CNC Machined Or Injection Molded



Examples Of Client “IDEAS” That We Created 3D CAD Drawings Of And Then Turned Into “PARTS




Solidworks Image

We use Solidworks® 2017 PREMIUM which is without a doubt the leading 3D design software solution used by all major industries such as Aerospace, Automotive, Construction, Energy and Professional Design Firms.

SOLIDWORKS® Premium is a comprehensive 3D design solution that adds to the capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Professional with powerful simulation, motion, and design validation tools, advanced wire and pipe routing functionality, reverse engineering capabilities, and much more.

We can test your products performance against real-life motion and forces with our rich simulation capabilities. Ensure manufacturability and resolve complex assembly issues early in the design process with tolerance stack-up analysis tools. We can also work with your 3D scanned data in SOLIDWORKS Premium. Experience all the benefits we and Solidworks can offer you.

The tools in Solidworks allows us to stay focused on designing your parts and less time calling you or researching how to get something done.

With all of the tools and power Solidworks has Solidworks PREMIUM takes it to a whole new level with Solidworks Simulation.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium

We can as an extra service efficiently evaluate your designs for nonlinear and dynamic response, dynamic loading, and composite materials with the powerful tools of SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium. SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium adds to the capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional to provide valuable insights to improve product reliability in the most cost effective manner, no matter the material or use environment.

For FAST Affordable engineering / design service give us a call today Toll Free: 866-IDEA-2-PARTS – (866-433-2272)  Local: 281-444-5400 or email us   Our goal is to keep you moving forward………