Reverse Engineering Service

We offer FAST and AFFORDABLE Reverse Engineering services so you can keep moving forward with your project. We understand if you are not moving forward you are not making progress on your project.

Why should you Reverse Engineer your part(s) with us?

  1. It gives you the ability to improve the quality of your part(s) that keep breaking or wearing out. We take your physical part and Reverse Engineer it with our HD Laser Scanner and deliver to you a 3D Model file that give you the ability modify, add, subtract, change any aspect of your part.
  2. To modify a part so it fits your new assembly or application. Say you developed a new product and it uses a part you already have but it needs to be modified slightly. Since you had us Reverse Engineer the part all you have to do is open that part and modify it with your 3D Modeling software like Solidworks or have us do it.
  1. To save you time and money having to design a part from scratch into a 3D Model file. Why have your part measured with calipers when we can scan your part with our HD Laser Scanner for accurate measurements down to the smallest detail.
  1. To have a 3D Model of all your most important parts so you can take control of replacement parts when needed as well as having the ability to modify the part at anytime.
  1. Gives you the ability to be the source of replacement parts.


Steps To Reverse Engineer A Part:


Step 1: Provide us your part


Step 2: An all-new electro-optical architecture and sophisticated new algorithms use an array of Lasers to scan in parallel. Result: higher point throughput and much better data fidelity


Step 3: We FUSE The Scanned Data – Delivers amazing accuracy of ± 0.005 inches for HD MACRO Scans and ±0.015 inches for Standard Wide Mode Scans


Step 4: Start of the Reverse Engineering process


Step 5: Data is analyzed and converts the part into segments – Provides rich, full-color photo data for each surface point. And because it’s optically synchronous, there’s no skew between the color and geometry.


Produces shadow free imaging with high quality built in illumination.

We can capture and Reverse Engineer a remarkably diverse range of objects in a variety of materials and sizes. Parts found in many different industries can be captured. We know how to prep hard to scan parts so accurate data can be captured.


Step 6: Once the part is Reversed Engineered you can now open it in Solidworks or other 3D Modeling software packages


Step 7: We can then 3D print your part as seen below or provide you the 3D model file


Actual Part Being Laser Scanned


Reverse engineering is a highly percise process where we scan your physical part with our HD Laser Scanner and that data produces millions of data points that we then can process into a file you can use to 3D Print your part at any scale. That in it self is amazing but to take it a step further we can now take those millions of data points and process them into a useable perimetric CAD model. What does this mean….. we can create a 3D CAD file that you can open in Solidworks and edit, add, subtract and modify every individual feature of the part. Now that is true power……


IMPORTANT – We offer two different processes one is were we scan your part and capture that data and create a 3D Model file that we can 3D Print. The second process is we take the 3D data and then go through a separate more advanced process and actually Reverse Engineers your part and create a Solidworks working file where you can modify, change, add and subtract any element of your part. So please note if you only need your part scanned and you only want to 3D Print that part then the cost will be substantially less expensive then if you needed your part fully reversed engineered.


Give us a call or email us today to have your part Reversed Engineered. Toll Free 866-IDEA-2-PARTS – (866-433-2272) Local: 281-444-5400 or email us