Disposable MX2 Face Shields – (20 KITS)

Disposable MX2 Face Shields – (20 KITS)

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Bulk Package (20 frames & 20 shields) MX2 Face Shield Kits

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ONLY – $3.35 Per Kit

You Get 20 Head Frames & 20 MX2 Face Shields With This Kit.

THIS SHIELD IS MADE IN THE USA – Thank you for buying from and supporting America!!

The ideal full-face protection for laboratory, hospital, healthcare professionals, EMS and law enforcement or anyone at risk for occupational exposure to blood borne pathogens. Reusable face shields and disposable face shields that are the most comfortable, lowest cost and highest quality face shields on the market.

  • Shield is 9-Inches Long
  • Optical Quality
  • Non-Fog Design
  • Adjustable Shield Angle
  • Head Frame Is Injection Molded
  • Fits Over Glasses
  • Fits Over Masks
  • Low Cost

Complies with OSHA Reg. 29CFR1910-1030 For use to protect face against spray, splatter, or splashing liquids. Not intended for use to protect against solid objects, acids, gases, heat, or caustic substances.

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Weight 2.200 lbs